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04/29/2022 [NEW!] The CAR lab hosted State House Representative Mr. Thomas Albert, State Senator Mr. Wayne Schmidt, President and CEO of Michigan Manufacturers Association Mr. John Walsh, and their companies on Friday.
04/27/2022 - 04/28/2022 [NEW!] NSF eCAT IUCRC Center planning workshop was successfully held in I2C building.
04/22/2022 [NEW!] The CAR lab Hosted 2022 Hall of Fame guests in the lab.
04/05/2022 [NEW!] A delegation from the Czech Republic visited the CAR lab.
03/23/2022 [NEW!] Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Rj Webber, from Novi Community Schools District visit the CAR lab.
03/22/2022 [NEW!] Professor Weisong Shi delivered a keynote on Vehicle Computing: Vision and Challenges at AVL Annual Mobility Conference.
01/27/2022 [NEW!] We officially launched Mobility Academy to provide on-demand mobility training.
12/13/2021 [NEW!] Wayne State is part of the Detroit Regional Partnership coalition awarded $500,000 planning grant around advanced mobility cluster. More information can be found here.
12/06/2021 [NEW!] After a year of launching the Mobility for All competition, Wayne State University announces the results of the inaugural competition. Leveraging mobility technologies to address the real problems faced by the community was the most important principle when we launched the competition, the steering committee was very excited to see all five teams in the final stage addressing community challenges, including accessibility for people with disabilities, food insecurity, and public transit infrastructure. The outcome of the competition is fantastic and has demonstrated the innovative ways by which our students, faculty, and alumni want to change the world. Congratulations to all teams who made it to the final stage! Congratulations to the Recogn-EYEs team for winning the grand prize!
09/16/2021 Technica Engineering Inc. donated automotive ethernet equipment to the The CAR Lab.
09/15/2021 URC universities lead the nation in developing talent for mobility industry.
09/09/2021 Dr. Weisong Shi delivered a keynote at Chi@Edge workshop on Sep. 9, 2021.
08/04/2021 Dr. Shi has been interviewed by Michigan Economic Development Corporation on the recent trends in technologies. Here is the podcast.
07/01/2021 NSF eCAT IUCRC center planning grant is funded by NSF. Prof. Weisong Shi serves as the center Director. To learn more, please visit http://ecat.center
05/15/2021 Prof. Zheng Dong from Computer Science received an NSF award on "Bringing Predictable Real-time Computing to Connected Autonomous Driving Systems"
02/01/2021 Wayne State Researchers Use AI to Bring Micro-transit to Hourly Workers.
10/21/2020 Dean Farshad Fotouhi and faculty members from the Wayne State University College of Engineering discuss how students, faculty and alumni are contributing to the future of mobility.
10/21/2020 Wayne State introduces Mobility for All competition to tackle real-world issues in transportation and community health.
10/12/2020 A student journalist from the South End contribute an article about our recent experience with AV shuttle between DMC and Brush Park.
08/04/2020 Wayne State University College of Engineering and Amesite partner to provide online professional certification mobility courses aimed at workforce training!
04/15/2020 The first mobility meeting on research, teaching and service was successfully held on April 15th, 2020!
09/12/2019 [Honor] The CAR Lab is part of the team get $7.5 million federal grant for self-driving car development and test.
09/09/2019 [Open Source] HydraOne, an indoor experimental research and education platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, is open source!
08/17/2019 [Honor] Dr. Shi led an Edge Computing special issue on Proceedings of the IEEE, August 2019.
08/05/2019 [Collaboration] An 'Epicenter': Michigan Mobility Institute, Wayne State University Launch Center For Advanced Mobility.
07/25/2019 [Paper] The CAR Lab has two papers accepted by SEC 2019.
06/09/2019 [Honor] Dr. Weisong Shi and our CAR lab was featured on IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, Summer 2019.
04/18/2019 [Visitor] Dr. Yungang Bao from Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) visited the CAR lab and delivered a talk on "Labeled Computer Architecture: New Interfaces of Conveying High-level Software Information to Hardware".
04/14/2019 [Visitor] Executives from WeOn visited the CAR lab, discussing the collaboration on Autonomous Driving.
04/05/2019 [Visitor] Dr. Yanzhi Wang from Northeastern University visited the CAR lab and delivered a talk on "Towards 1,000X Model Compression in Deep Neural Networks".
03/08/2019 [Visitor] Steve Horton and Dalong Li from FCA visited our CAR Lab, discussing the potential collaboration with the Lab.
03/01/2019 [Meeting] The CAR Lab successfully hosted MetroCAD 2019.
03/01/2019 [Visitor] Dr. Ruigang Yang, head of Robotics and Auto-driving Lab at Baidu, visited the CAR Lab.
03/01/2019 [Visitor] Dr. Ryokichi Onishi, principal architect at Toyota InfoTechnology Center, visited the CAR Lab.
01/23/2019 [Visitor] Dr. Xubin Song from Weichai America Innovation Center at Detroit visited our lab.
01/16/2019 [Talk] Dr. Xiaoming Liu from MSU visited our lab and gave a talk on “3D Faces: Reconstruction, Recognition and Modeling”.
01/07/2019 [Visitor] Tsinghua Vehicle Research Institute visited our lab.
11/30/2018 [Collaboration] The CAR Lab has teamed up with City of Detroit on data collection, processing and mapping.
11/09/2018 [Today@Wayne] Managing microplastic pollution: WSU research team secures $929k in funding for science-based mitigation initiative.
11/06/2018 [Honor] Professor Shi was featured in the inaugural issue of Wayne State Faculty Impact e-newsletter.
10/22/2018 [Talk] Professor Weisong Shi and six PH.D. students attended the Third ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing in Bellevue, WA.
10/22/2018 [Visitor] Dr. Lei Zhong from Toyota ITC visited our lab, discussing the collaboration on Connected Vehicles.
10/20/2018 [Visitor] VP of Singulato Motors visited the CAR Lab.
10/18/2018 [Webinar] Professor Weisong Shi, joined by Prof. Mahadev Satyanarayanan from CMU, hosted a free Webinar: IEEE Introduction to Edge Computing.
10/10/2018 [Show] The CAR Lab was invited to demo on the Detroit Moves show, which is part of the MICHAuto Summit 2018 in Detroit.
10/09/2018 [Visitor] Dr. Jing Cao, Director of Research Insitute of Huanyu Driving Inc, visited our lab discussing the collaboration on Edge Computing on Autonomous Driving.
09/25/2018 [Talk] Dr. Michael S. Del Rose, the Chief Engineer from US Army TARDEC, gave a talk on “U.S. Army TARDEC Ground Vehicle Robotics Programs for Future Manned and Unmanned Teaming”.
09/20/2018 [Award] We have received the DRIVE PX2 grant from NVIDIA.
09/18/2018 [Talk] Professor Weisong Shi delivered a keynote at the "Edge Computing Intelligent Future Forum" at 2018 World AI Conference in Shanghai, China.
09/14/2018 [Talk] Dr. Zhaojian Li delivered "Future Mobility: Cloud-Enabled Automotive Decision-Making Systems"
08/07/2018 [Model D] New Wayne State lab uses autonomous vehicle tech to develop innovative computing solutions
06/15/2018 [Detroit Driven] Wayne State CAR Lab innovates edge computing and open platform
03/20/2018 [Today@Wayne] Facebook awards Wayne State University's edge computing research